Episode 102: Big Pharma: Pills, Pushers, and Poison

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On this episode of the Sofa King Podcast, we look at the practices and power of the Pharmaceutical Industry. From Pfizer to Lilly, Merck to Bayer, they leave a less than desirable track record of deceit and bad medicine. Part of the problem with Big Pharma is their ability to lobby and change the laws that once prevented them from direct marketing to customers. Once this changed, the landscape of prescriptions changed with it. People started to self-diagnose with illnesses they don’t have and requested medicines they don’t need. And what’s worse is that the companies pay significantly more money to doctors, pharmacists, and medical practitioners. This means the medical professionals themselves are in on the game and push certain drugs to people. We talk about this and share some of our own experiences.

We also cover the trend of opioid addition and look at improper and illegal sales of drugs. Many corporations produce drugs that are known to be life threatening for elderly patients, yet they develop sales teams who are trained to sell only to elderly care facilities! What’s worse is when the companies like Bristol Myers Squib, Astra Zeneca, and even Johnson and Johnson get busted, they face fines that are too small to change their behavior and seldom get in any criminal trouble for it. Also, we look at Bayer. What did the aspirin company do that’s worthy of attention? Well, they gave thousands of people all over the world AIDS with a drug they illegally manufactured. Tune in to hear about this and many other horrible things about your friendly neighborhood pill pushers.

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