Episode 148: Aurora Shootings: The Conspiracies of James Holmes

Aurora Shooting James Holmes This episode is brought to you by El Yucateco

On this episode of The Sofa King Podcast, we explore one of the worst mass murders in US history, the theater shooting at Aurora, Colorado. According to the official report, James Eagan Holmes crept into the theater during the midnight screening of The Dark Night Rises at the Century Aurora 16 Multiplex Theater on July 20, 2012. Dressed in bullet proof armor and riot gear, he threw in two cans of gas and opened fire with multiple weapons. His final death toll was 12 victims, and he injured 70 others.

What inspired this young man—a neuroscientist perusing a PhD—to dye his hair orange, order weapons and ammo online, and start shooting innocent people? That’s a good question. In fact, many people don’t think he did it, or that he didn’t do it alone. Many eye witnesses and even police reports claim there was more than one shooter. Also, with the gear and the gas mask he was wearing, nobody could have ever made a positive ID on his face after the fact.

People wonder how he built bombs that the FBI took two days to disarm. People wonder how he knew how to use all this military style gear. People wonder about his father, Robert Holmes who was a top member of FICO and was set to testify against the powerful LIBOR Banking scandal in mere weeks. People wonder if he was on drugs, and even more wildly, people wonder if his studies in neuroscience made him a candidate for MK Ultra-type mind control, and if he was killing outside of his will.

Was this a false flag event meant to usher in gun control laws? Was there a second shooter? What made this guy snap and shoot people? Was he a patsy? Oh, and why did he get transferred to a secret prison that nobody can find the location of? Listen, laugh, learn.

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