Episode 77: Apple Computers: Darkside of a Corporate Empire

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On this episode, we explore the iconic computer and technology giant, Apple.

Founded in 1976 by Steve Job, Steve Wozniak (and the forgotten Ronald Wayne), this corporation truly invented the modern day home computer. From a small homebrew computer club, this company grew to innovate everything from the commonplace use of the computer mouse to the graphic user interface that we now call a desktop. We look at this history and the two unique styles of genius that Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak brought to the company and how—fired and rehired—Jobs ended up giving the world the iPod, iTunes, iPhone, iPad, and lots of other things that start with a lower case i.

But of course, we can’t leave well enough alone and have to look at the dark side. iSweatshops? We’ve got those in droves. iTax Evasion? Check. iChemical-poisonings of Apple Watch makers? Check. Viruses, malware, and planned obsolescence with computers designed to never be upgraded or repaired? We cover it all in this episode. We have a bit of an Apple clash since Brent and Brad use and like various Macs while Dave detests the entire iCompany. Listen to learn why.

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