Episode 184: Adolf Hitler: History’s Ultimate Madman

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On this episode of the Sofa King Podcast, we look back in time at the life, power, and death of the world’s most notorious madman, Adolf Hitler. He was born Adolf Shicklegruber on April 20, 1889 in Braunau am Inn, Austria. He was the son of a customs official with a quick temper and a violent heart, and the two clashed regularly. Adolf’s father disliked that his son wanted to pursue fine arts and become a painter. When Adolf’s brother died at a young age, he became withdrawn and instead of studying in school, spent his time reenacting famous battles from German’s past. This may have been a bad sign…

Once he was older, and his father died, Adolf Hitler moved to Vienna to try and become a painter. He was denied admission to art school twice and struggled to make money selling water color paintings, but when World War I started, he enlisted, and his life was changed forever. He was wounded twice in the war and considered to be a war hero, and while he was healing from his second injury, Germany surrendered (and he perfected his infamous mustache…).

From there, Hitler struggled to adapt in the post-war world of Germany during its Great Depression. He became obsessed that communists and Jews were the reason Germany lost the war and were the reason the world was in such a bad state. By the 1930s, he joined the German Workers Party (eventually the Nazi party), and he even tried to overthrow the German government.

This little stunt landed him in jail for nine months, and it would have been longer if he didn’t wow the court room with his rhetoric and win them over. In prison, he dictated the important book Mein Kampf. Upon his release, he started to speak in beer halls and gain popularity and eventually was granted the position of chancellor after losing the election to be president.

Within a month, there was a fire at the Reichstag which helped him pass laws that launched him to total power over the German government.

Many people say this fire was a false flag event, planned by the Nazis to gain control of the government. Did Adolf Hitler set his own building on fire to gain power? Why did he target the Jews as the focus of his hate? How did he start World War Two? What were his plans for victory, and how did they go wrong? What good things did he do for Germany in spite of all the evil? How and why did he die during final days of the war? Is he actually alive and living on Tupac Island? Listen, laugh, learn…

Great Link for Hitler’s Bio: http://www.bbc.co.uk/timelines/zsmm6sg

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