Episode 100: 9/11 Part One

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For our 100th episode, The Sofa King Podcast tackles a subject that many listeners have requested: 9/11. This is the mother of all modern-day conspiracy theories, so we had to spread it over two episodes. The theories range from the mundane to the insane, and then some that are surprisingly well-documented and supported by facts. For this episode, we start by recounting our own experiences on that day that permanently changed modern day life. (To be honest, I think Brent has the best story—it involves soldiers and machine guns!) But after that, we start to look at the facts of the date by recounting the official timeline, the flights, the hijackers, the destinations, the deaths.

Then, however, we switch our gears and start looking at what the conspiracy theorists and 9/11 “Truthers” claim about the event. For this episode, we focus primarily on the flights themselves, NORAD’s response and delay/confusion in scrambling fighter jets, and finally the twin towers. The strange and confusing launch of only four fighter jets during the worst terrorist attack in America’s history is disheartening. We also talk about strange radar doubling that can be seen on NORAD’s official radar picture of the day and look at what the Truthers think this means.

Also, there is abundant evidence that the towers could not have fallen the way they did because of jet fuel heat. There is even more evidence that claims it was a controlled demolition. We cover the science as best we can and look at what experts, engineers, and architects have to say about the buildings collapsing. Could jet fuel cause the towers to fall? Was it instead caused by government explosives called Thermate? What about the presence of strange chemicals in the dust from the fallen building? Also, what evidence was there that stocks were purchased before the attacks to benefit from them and what about the five hijackers who were found alive and well throughout the world after the attacks? We do our best to sort the junk from the surprising.

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